Life-Study of Genesis: Messages 81-83

This week’s messages continue the topic of Jacob’s transformation:

Message 81: Being Transformed (4)

e) God’s Promise

(1) Not in Padan-aram

(2) Not in Succoth or in Shechem

(3) Only in Bethel

Message 82: Being Transformed (5)

f) Jacob’s Doing

(1) Building a Pillar

(a) A General Sketch

aa. For the Temple

bb. For the Building of the Church

cc. In the New Jerusalem

dd. The Need to Be in Bethel

ee. Coming to Bethel Twice

ff. The Christ on Whom We Rest Being Constituted into a Pillar

gg. Being Perfected to Be a Pillar

Message 83: Being Transformed (6)

(b) Related to the Building of the Temple

aa. By Solomon through Hiram

bb. Two Pillars

cc. Of Brass

dd. Eighteen Cubits High Apiece

ee. Twelve Cubits Round

ff. Two Capitals

gg. Nets of Checkerwork and Wreaths of Chainwork

hh. The Capitals Being of Lily Work

ii. Two Hundred Pomegranates

jj. The Capitals Being Four Cubits in Diameter

kk. Two Pillars Standing in the Porch of the Temple


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