Working Saints Fellowship at the 2013 International Thanksgiving Conference

This post contains the audio and video from a working saints’ meeting in Schaumburg, IL on November 30, 2013 during the 2013 International Thanksgiving Conference. Brothers Andrew Yu and Minoru Chen shared some particular fellowship for saints in this age group, and a number of brothers and sisters gave  reports and testimonies.




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8 thoughts on “Working Saints Fellowship at the 2013 International Thanksgiving Conference

  1. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for this video. I felt like I was right there with the saints. Lord Jesus, thank You for the sister who shared about not even being in a meeting for the whole time. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for the building life that you can provide in a meeting in just a few minutes. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for just show us that it truly is the enemy that makes us feel isolated, like our situation is unique and separate. Lord Jesus, thank You that You will supply us with the companions that we need. Lord Jesus, thank You for the brother’s sharing from the church in Chicago. Lord Jesus, defeat the enemy’s attempts to destroy all relationships in the church life, godly friendships, and even families. Lord Jesus, You are Jehovah of hosts. Send your faithful, angelic warriors to defeat the enemy that is trying to destroy friendships, relationships in the church life, and families. Lord Jesus, thank You for video meetings. Lord Jesus, You are Keeper, so please keep me together with the companions You have provided. Amen.

  2. Lord Jesus we love You!

    To carry on with the Lord, fulfilling His desire in the Body, we need to consecrate our mornings to the Lord, touching Him every morning in a deep real way so that we can be living. Distractions like our phones keeps us from entering into Him deeply. No multitasking while we are diving into His riches!

    Secondly, we cannot go on in isolation. We need at least one vital companion to pray with daily and be built up with. As companions we love and care for one another, we pray together to be built up spiritually and this leads to us praying and caring for others to bear fruit.

    After listening to brother Tom on raising up the next generation for the Lord’s move, my concept of children has shifted from little persons we need to keep occupied while we try to enjoy the Lord, to little gospel seeds where every moment we spend with them is a precious opportunity to teach them God Exists, He created heaven and earth and we are special human beings for God. This has made me more desperate for the reality of the Lord in my spirit, that I redeem this time, expressing Him and taking Him as a pattern for the children to see Him in our time together. This helps me to not be bitter and frustrated but enjoy the Lord WITH my children instead of hoping for moments away from my children. Its much easier to go on with the Lord in this way!

  3. Thank the Lord for His speaking through this fellowship.
    i agree that Lord is making to realise that apart from Him i can’t do nothing i also need the vital companionship of brothers other than our meeting just to help each other, build up one another in Love, in the spirit, unto fruit bearing.

  4. Dear saints,
    I am so thankful for this video sharing. I had been feeling so discouraged. My husband and I watched this video and I really felt like I could relate to so many testimonies! This was just the most encouraging video and came at such a timely moment. Also the sharing on the children touched me deeply and really was encouraging.

    I really was touched by the Petra’s sharing in the comments as well. I really see how much I need to enjoy the Lord for the children’s sake too, not just my own. Having the bible open and passing by it and stopping even for a few seconds to read, pray read, or especially sing a verse has been a huge help since I’ve started. Once I read about singing the word in the Life Studies it was like a whole new door was opened up!

  5. Thank you lord Jesus for this video. I was very much encouraged by all the sharings. Thank you Lord for all the brothers and sisters. I can echo Sister Victoria that I felt I was right there in the meeting with all the saints.

    I especially enjoyed the portion on Morning Revival. I can relate this because if I don’t have morning revival with the Lord, the whole day I feel like dragging feet like a wounded soldier in the war. But If I have morning revival with the Lord, my whole day feels different. I am under constant supply of the Lord, and I can have more intimate fellowship with the Lord even while I am working! Lord knows our situation and He knows exactly where we are. Satan is fighting to get us out of our spirit but we can fight back by praising the Lord for what He had done for us. Satan flees and we get released! Halleluyah!

    Let Him kiss us every morning that we may love Him more and more throughout the day, waiting for His coming back.

  6. These open meetings are a feast of the humanity of Christ, always so rich and life-ministering in the Body.Everyday companionship in the Word is a lifeline,at whatever age,since we are those who are addicted to the Word of God, to Christ and the Church, Hallelujah!!

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