Life-Study of Genesis: Messages 102-104

This week we continue our reading of the Life-Study of Genesis with messages 102 through 104.




Message 102: Being Matured – The Manifestation of Maturity (5)

(9) Concerning Dan

  • (a) A Young Lion Fighting for More Land
  • (b) A Serpent, a Horned Snake on the Way, Biting the Horse’s Heels and Causing the Rider to Fall Backward
  • (c) Jacob Waiting for the Lord’s Salvation
  • (d) Still Being One of the Tribes (Scepters) Judging His People
  • (e) His Tribe Omitted in First Chronicles and Revelation, but Included as a Tribe in the Millennium

(10) Concerning Gad

  • (a) Raided by a Raiding Band and Raiding Their Heels
  • (b) Enlarged by God
  • (c) Dwelling as a Lioness, Tearing the Arm, Even the Crown of the Head of the Prey
  • (d) Providing the First Part of the Good Land for Himself
  • (e) Coming with the Heads of the People to Execute the Justice of the Lord and His Ordinances with Israel

(11) Concerning Asher

  • (a) Rich Food and Royal Dainties
  • (b) More Blessed Than the Sons and Most Favored among His Brothers
  • (c) Dipping His Foot in Oil
  • (d) Iron and Copper under His Sandals
  • (e) His Rest Being as His Days

(12) Concerning Naphtali

  • (a) A Hind Let Loose
  • (b) Giving Beautiful Words
  • (c) Satisfied with Favor and Full with the Blessing of the Lord
  • (d) Possessing the Sea and the South

Message 103: The Spiritual Significance of Dan, Gad, Asher, and Naphtali

I. The Apostasy of Dan

  • A. Gaining More Christ by His Victorious Life
  • B. Being Individualistic and Independent
  • C. Setting Up a Divisive Center of Worship and Ordaining a Hired “Priest”

II. The Recovery With Gad

  • A. Coming Back to the Victory of Christ
  • B. Enlarged by God
  • C. Crushing the Enemy by the Productive Life of Christ
  • D. Taking Care of the Brothers

III. The Sufficiency of Asher

  • A. The Exceeding Blessing and Surpassing Grace
  • B. The Rich Provision of Life
  • C. The Bountiful Supply of the Spirit for Our Daily Walk
  • D. The Absolute Rest with Peace, Strength, Security, and Sufficiency

IV. The Consummation With Naphtali

  • A. Experiencing the Resurrected Christ and Uttering the Beautiful and Pleasant Words of Life
  • B. Satisfied with God’s Grace and Full with God’s Blessing
  • C. Taking the Earth for the Lord

Message 104: Being Matured – The Manifestation of Maturity (6)

(13) Concerning Joseph

  • (a) A Son of a Fruitful Tree by a Fountain
  • (b) His Branches Running over the Wall
  • (c) Having Been Harassed by the Archers
  • (d) His Bow Remaining Firm and the Arms of His Hands Being Made Strong and Agile
  • (e) Helped by the God of His Father and Blessed by the All-sufficient
  • (f) His Majesty Being like the Firstborn of His Ox, and His Horns Being like the Horns of the Wild Ox

(14) Concerning Benjamin

  • (a) A Tearing Wolf
  • (b) Dwelling by the Lord, and the Lord Covering Him All the Day Long and Dwelling between His Shoulders


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