Video Testimonies of Migration: Fletchers (Parts 4-6)

This post contains Parts 4-6 of a 6-part series of videos where the Ray and Leone Fletcher share their experience of migrating to Europe. Parts 1-3 can be found here.



Part 4: Learning to Follow the Lord


Part 5: Top Enjoyment in Migration


Part 6: If You Are Considering Migration



6 thoughts on “Video Testimonies of Migration: Fletchers (Parts 4-6)

  1. Thank you for your testimony. This was so encouraging. Where the Lord leads, there He also supplies the grace to follow. Praise our sovereign God!

  2. Thank you so much for this. I love how practical they got in their fellowship. Lord bless all the saints in Europe.

  3. Praise the Lord for this great testimony. No matter where we are, we should all learn to follow the Lord, care about His need today, and pray to be part of His move. Really encourage by this couple and hope to have fellowship with them someday.

  4. We are about to migrate with one other couple to a new city in South Africa and this really encouraged me. Thank you saints for sharing and those who labor on the website.

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