Conference with Ron Kangas in Melbourne, Australia (April 2018)

Below are links to messages from a conference given by brother Ron Kangas in Melbourne, Australia in April 2018. The general subject of this conference is “Constituted with God for the Building of God.” Brother Ron opened the conference with the fact that God does not care for outward appearance but the inward condition of our hearts, and how this is related to the building of God and the central work of God. After giving 3 messages brother Ron also had a special Questions & Responses time where he responded to numerous questions regarding courtship/marriage and other questions relevant to working saints.

  • Message 1 – Being One with God and Constituted with God (Audio)
  • Message 2 – Living God, Expressing God, Moving with God, and Representing God (Audio)
  • Message 3 – Ministering the Building and Builded God for the Intrinsic Constitution of the Building of God (Audio)
  • Questions and Responses (Audio)

(Audio page for all 3 messages and the Q&R time can be found here. Please note that these files are not being hosted by

One thought on “Conference with Ron Kangas in Melbourne, Australia (April 2018)

  1. Hallelujah! I am enjoying the Lord,while listening to these messages! May we all keep exhibiting Christ. Let us exhibit Christ!

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