Urgent Need for the Lord’s Move in Europe and Africa

During the recent Memorial Day conference, two time-sensitive burdens were released regarding the Lord’s present move at the end of Message 5. These burdens open a wonderful way for all of the saints to actively enter into what the Lord is doing today by praying, giving, and going. May the Lord gain our hearts for His move on the earth!

The first was regarding a meeting facility in Madrid, Spain. Currently there are only a handful of meeting halls owned by the saints in continental Europe, and there are none on the Iberian Peninsula (composed of the countries of Spain and Portugal). The brothers in Madrid have been looking for an adequate meeting facility for a long time, but have been hindered mainly by bureaucratic and zoning issues. They have recently located a very good property which already has the proper zoning and is located in a good neighborhood. It is currently owned by a Christian denomination who has been praying for 2 years that the property would be sold to another group of Christians. This property has 3 levels with plenty of space for children’s meeting and offices, and in its current configuration can hold up to 250 saints. It could be used not only for the needs of the church, but also to hold conferences and trainings for the saints in Portugal and Spain. The property was assessed at nearly 1 million Euro, but is being purchased for 700,000 Euro. As of the announcement at the conference, the saints had made a down payment of 100,000 Euro and collected an additional 178,000 Euro, leaving a balance of 420,000 Euro (approximately 500,000 USD). That balance is due July 30th. Contributions can be made at the LME website, with the designation ‘Madrid meeting hall’ (link below).

The second burden released was regarding the purchase of a property to be used for the church in Addis Ababa (the capital of Ethiopia) and the training in Ethiopia. The church life in Ethiopia began with 50 college students in Addis Ababa in 2001, and has since grown to 350 saints in Addis Ababa, as well as over 20 other localities where saints are meeting throughout the country. In addition, a Full-time Pursuing training began in August 2016, and by the end of June, 58 saints will have passed through at least one year of training. There is a growing hunger for the truth in the country with many seeking ones on the campuses and in the communities, and there is even a need to care for returning African students who were gained while studying in China! However, the limited facilities of the church have been inadequate to provide for all of the needs. The brothers in have located an excellent property in capital city of Addis Ababa which is 5 miles from the city center and the airport. The property is 1.75 acres, and currently has a 2-floor residential building with 9,000 sq ft of space. This could be renovated to be used for offices for the work or residential space for serving ones. The brothers would also like to build a meeting hall which would fit 800-1000 saints, a training center with dormitories, and a hospitality facility for saints travelling for trainings and conferences. The property will serve as a center for furthering the Lord’s move across Africa. The current owners have been quite favorable toward the brothers, and have offered to sell the property for 2.5 million USD, although the assessed value is 3.5 million USD, and land prices have been nearly doubling on a yearly basis for the past several years. A down payment of 365,000 USD is due by June 15, and full payment is expected by August 15. The church in Addis Ababa plans to contribute 100,000 USD for the purchase. Details for giving are below.

To give for the property in Madrid, with the indication ‘Madrid meeting hall’: http://www.lordsmove.org/e-offerings.html

To give for the property in Addis Ababa, please follow the instructions at the end of the announcement that was handed out (link here).

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