Following the Star out of Jacob led me to the Lord and the Church Life

There shall come forth a Star out of Jacob... Num. 24:17

The crystallization-study of Numbers unveiled more of God’s heart to me.

As the Star out of Jacob, Christ appears to those who seek Him and lead them to the house where He is. This was my experience a few years ago. I was wandering in the sadness of darkness when Christ shone on me. I saw His star and I came to worship Him.

I took another way which led me to the houses of the saints, the Lord’s people. These people were truly messengers of the Lord. They were much older than me, but at that time I did not notice the age difference. They simply bore the light to rule the night that was within me. The shining forth of the light through them enabled me to grow in life.

For five months, two older sisters welcomed me in their home three times a week to answer all my questions. As I remember, they never took out a ministry book during our Bible studies; we only read from our New Testaments (Recovery Version). Their responses however unveiled such a high mystery, something beyond anything I had ever read or heard anywhere else. No libraries, no one, had such concepts. Their words enlightened the eyes of my heart.

In August 2012, I started the Full-time Training in Anaheim (FTTA). Each class gave spirit and life to me. The outlines were the same words those saints had spoken to me. What was outside of me, they had been constituted with to such an extent that they were speaking it and living it out!

I then realized how much this ministry leads us to the path of life. Through this ministry, the vision is unveiled, and the love of His appearing increases. His presence is with us and we have rest. We pursue Him not alone, but with all those who believe in the Lord.

May the Lord have mercy on us all to trust on Jehovah and rely on our God!

Testimony by J. M. – Following the Star out of Jacob led me to the Lord and the Church Life.

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