AUDIO: Working Saints Fellowship at the 2019 Thanksgiving Day Conference

The audio recording from the working saints gathering at the 2019 Thanksgiving Day Conference in Houston, Texas is now available for download here. This recording includes testimonies from a number of saints as well as sharing from brother Tom Goetz.

A significant amount of our time together was devoted to fellowship on learning how to open and deal with the Lord concerning our inner being in the midst of various environments and practical situations.

The burden of this fellowship is that we would quickly progress through the stages of the experience of life and be formed into an army that can fight for His interest on earth.

3 thoughts on “AUDIO: Working Saints Fellowship at the 2019 Thanksgiving Day Conference

  1. I recently listened to the testimonies of the saints and fellowship from Tom Goetz during this past Thanksgiving Conference. What a beautiful display of Christ in His Body! I was encouraged to hear so many examples of the Lord working to recover us to live the normal Christian life and normal church life for His building. Thank you all not only for sharing these things, but for being open to the Lord in your daily lives so that you could have these experiences to tell. Thank you also to the ones who posted this time so that I could hear it. I appreciate that! Grace and peace be with you all! Amy Garcia

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