2020 Sisters Blending Conference in New York City

Below are links to messages given by brother Ricky Acosta and others during a sisters’ conference in New York, NY in February 2020.

During this conference the brothers spoke regarding the sisters’ critical function in the church life. The first and main function of the sisters is to preserve and maintain life. There are many examples of women in the Bible preserving and maintaining the life of God’s people. Shiphrah and Puah (Exo. 1:15-21) were two Hebrew midwives who preserved the lives of God’s people by saving the boys born to Hebrew families. Jochabed (Exo. 2:1-9) also preserved the life of her son, Moses, and raised him as a Hebrew. And Esther (Esth. 4:14-16) exercised faith and preserved the nation of Israel at a critical time.

What does preserving and maintaining life look like in the church today? When a particular burden is released in the church to go in a certain direction, sisters are necessary in the carrying out of that burden. The sisters can take the lead to love the Lord (Matt. 26:6-13), to sacrifice themselves in producing life (Rom. 12:1), to pray (Acts 1:14; Eph. 6:18), and to be salt to season the church life (Col. 4:6; Matt. 5:13; Mark 9:50).

  • Session 1: Ricky Acosta (Audio)
  • Session 2: Ricky Acosta (Audio)
  • Session 3: Dennis Cooley and others (Audio)
  • Session 4: Sharing (Audio)

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