Blending Conference with Ron Kangas in New Zealand (June 2020)

Below are links to messages given by brother Ron Kangas during a blending conference in New Zealand in June 2020.

The general subject is “Living the Christian Life and the Church Life Under the Government of God.” As believers in Christ and children of God, we should live a Christian life under the government of God (John 3:15; 1:12-13; 1 Pet. 4:13-19; 5:6-8). The epistles of 1 and 2 Peter are on the universal government of God, and show us the government of God. First Peter shows the government of God especially in His dealings with His chosen people (1:2), and 2 Peter shows that as God is governing us, He supplies us with whatever we need (1:1-4; 3:13).

  • Outlines: English: PDF | Chinese: PDF | Korean: PDF
  • Message 1: The Universal Government of God (audio)
  • Message 2: The Christian Life under the Government of God (audio)
  • Message 3: Experiencing Christ as the Shepherd of Our Souls (audio)
  • Message 4: Becoming a Reproduction of Christ (audio)

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