Testimony of the Lord’s Love, Grace, and Mercy

I did not grow up in the local churches, but was saved in 2016. I really thank the Lord for His abounding mercy that reached me and His preserving grace that sustains me. God is full love and full of mercy that captures me every day. As I love the Lord Jesus, He reveals to me how precious He is, even more than I ever knew before. The Lord is more precious than all the gold and silver in the world.

The Lord’s love continually causes me to draw near to Him and always leads me to love Him even more! I am saved only by grace, and my destiny is to be a burnt offering, to be consecrated and consumed until only ashes remain as a sweet savor and fragrance to God! My prayer is “Lord, let me love You more, more than I loved You before. Lord, You know how much I love You because Lord I do! Lord I love You.”

– Testimony submitted by Marilyn Lumicday

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