Special Labor Day Conference Regarding the Lord’s Move in North America

We would like to announce a special Labor Day weekend blending conference from this Friday, September 4, through Lord’s Day, September 6, 2020. The conference will be conducted online and will include both spoken messages and breakout sessions for mutual sharing and blending of all the saints. In addition, there will be some video reports of the ten target GTCA cities (https://gtca.us/).

Although this conference is being hosted by the churches in California, the speaking concerns the Lord’s move in North America and particularly the US so all the saints are welcome and encouraged to attend. You may either attend live along with the churches in California or watch the messages after they have been released. However, please give precedence to any conference that has been planned by your locality or region during this weekend and/or follow any arrangement that has been made locally to watch these messages together.

The meeting schedule is as follows:

Message Date Time (PDT)
1st meeting Friday, September 4 7:30 PM
2nd meeting Saturday, September 5 10:00 AM
3rd meeting Saturday, September 5 7:30 PM
4th meeting Lord’s Day, September 6 10:00 AM*

*The blending conference will not include a Lord’s Table.

The links to the meetings and details of this conference can be found at: http://www.labordayconf.com/

May the Lord speak to us afresh concerning His up-to-date move for the closing of this age.

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