Southeast Blending Conference with Ron Kangas (2020 Labor Day Weekend)

Below are links to messages given by brother Ron Kangas during a virtual Southeast blending conference over the 2020 Labor Day weekend.

The general subject is “Being Supplied to Live an Overcoming Life in the Midst of Chaos and Lawlessness by Knowing and Experiencing Christ as Revealed in Psalms.” Today, as those living in the midst of chaos, rebellion, and lawlessness, we need to have a clear vision of God’s economy (Prov. 29:18a; Eph. 3:9). The center of God’s economy is Christ – the Anointed One who accomplishes God’s eternal plan (Eph. 1:10; Matt. 17:5) – yet the nations and the rulers of the world are in open rebellion against Him. The day is coming, however, when Christ will establish God’s kingdom on earth and will reign in righteousness and justice, ushering in true peace. In this conference, we see how we can live an overcoming life in our present circumstance while we yearn for His return – by knowing and experiencing this Christ as revealed in Psalms.

The audio and outline files below are hosted by the church in Miami ( Please save/download the files to your computer or device for optimal performance of playback. Avoid streaming the audio files directly as this may cause various issues.

  • Outlines: English: PDF | Spanish: PDF | Chinese: PDF | Korean: PDF | Burmese: PDF
  • Message One: The Opposition of the Nations to Christ—the Center of God’s Economy (audio: English | Spanish)
  • Message Two: Seeing the Divine Revelation of Christ in God’s Economy as Presented in Psalm 2 (audio: English | Spanish)
  • Message Three: Christ, the God-man, Satisfying God’s Desire and Fulfilling His Good Pleasure (audio: English | Spanish)
  • Message Four: Experiencing and Enjoying Christ as the God-King Reigning in His City (audio: English | Spanish)
  • Message Five: The Highest Revelation of Christ (audio: English | Spanish)
  • Message Six: The Reigning Christ Recovering the Earth by Watering (audio: English | Spanish)
  • Video Messages: Posted here.

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