Is the ground of locality – the ground of one church in one city – a divisive teaching?

The church is one, but the practice of oneness in the church requires that the churches be established on the ground of oneness, which necessarily includes the ground of locality. To impose any conditions for fellowship, such as adherence to particular doctrinal positions, insistence on a particular form of baptismal practice or on certain Charismatic experiences, preferences regarding a particular minister or worship style, or even withdrawal from other Christian groups, is to establish an alternative ground for “fellowship” that inevitably excludes genuine believers, causes a division in the Body, and is thereby sectarian. The following article from Shepherding Words further develops the truth that the practice of the church on the ground of locality is a necessary prescription for practically keeping the oneness of the Spirit and of the Body.

Assailing the Ground of Oneness (2): Diligently Keeping the Oneness Requiring a Local Ground

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