We are not alone!

Submitted by: Mychelle Britt (Austin, TX)

A year and a half ago the Lord called me to stop serving and go back to school and work. Prior to this time, I had always wondered what was “wrong” with the other YA and why they seem so oppressed and not to be functioning too much. My heart was judgmental, UNTIL the Lord put me in the same situation as my dear brothers and sisters who are working and in school. I saw the reason they were struggling is due to the fact that the challenges this group of saints are facing are difficult. Indeed, they appear to be GIANTS. I myself was struggling so much and failing continuously to the point of barely even meeting with the church (though some were faithful to keep their relationship with me).

In the midst of my poor condition and failure, the Lord came to me to give me a heart for the other YA in my locality and to have a thorough repentance for my attitude and judgmental heart. I am in nursing school and at the time I heard the fellowship given to the YA it reminded me of something that happens in the immune response of our body. When a foreign element enters the body, the first reaction is that the body seeks to recognize the problem. Then the immune system alerts the other immune cells about the specific problem. Once the problem is identified the problem is isolated and either suppressed or eliminated by a corporate effort. We simply cannot make it alone. My overwhelming sense when I heard the fellowship is that the Lord wants to help the YA in a corporate way and to deal with the invader in the Body. Even, He wants to recover some of our companions who are no longer meeting.

In the midst of my failure I began to pray for the others in my locality and the Lord arranged a few sisters for me to meet with once a week. One sister and I have made goals together. We have even helped each other recognize when our goal is too large and we need to take smaller steps. We pray for one another and meet together once a week. Another sister and I also meet as often as we can. It is not always weekly but the feeling between us is increasing. We are able to open our work burdens and problems and the spiritual hang ups we are experiencing. One of my co-workers has become open due to the kind of supply I am receiving from these two sisters. We don’t pray for her specifically, but I recognize I could never have spoken to my co-worker the way I can now apart from the supply in the Body.

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