I Am Not What I Make

Submitted by: Rosita Enriquez (Anaheim, CA)

Saints, dear young adults, I would like to testify that money does not possess me any longer, Satan’s lies have been disclosed, Hallelujah!brought to light. Yesterday, I was very disappointed and sad, but Hallelujah! The Lord revealed to me that I had been lied to. I had been thinking that the value I had was measured on how much money I was making. This is altogether ridiculous, false! The truth is, I AM GAINING CHRIST, the Most Excellent, Wonderful, Heart-Capturing Christ. In fact, I am gaining Him day by day, even as I listen to the messages posted here, as I meet with the saints and dispense this Rich Christ into one another and as I call on His Life-dispensing, death-devouring Name and as I deal with my children and do household chores. O, Saints, no other accomplishment can be compared with the gaining of Christ. In one message brother Ron shared with us his burden. He did not want to see us be like the gentiles who seek after other things but The Lord and His Kingdom. No, saints, we have a Heavenly Father, who has taken and will faithfully take care of us and our needs. He made us with a body,He will surely take care of our needs. O hallelujah! We are in the business of gaining Christ, this is It Saints, let us not be cheated any longer by the father of lies, we are not what we make, we are not here on earth “to make a living” nor a “better living;” of course, we need to work and we must doing so diligently, but let us not be possessed by it. “So let’s gain Christ!” (Hymns, 1178) Let’s take every opportunity to gain Christ during our life time. Let’s not miss our Goal, let us seek Christ until we gain Him and until WE bring Him back.

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