This is soooooo GOOD!

Submitted by:  T.L.  (San Francisco, CA)

Hallelujah for gaining God on the internet! I am so thankful for all the wise fellowship of the experienced ones in the Body. Each of the brothers’ speaking was very enlightening and was full of shining and truth. Every time I turn on the computer, I just play 2009 Winter Training Fellowship and it is so good! It sanctifies my whole room! I am currently sick right now, so I have been resting at home. I enjoyed many things. Right now I am listening to brother Benson’s fellowship and I like how he shared that when we look back at it all, nothing was worth it all, the best family, the best career path, only our relationship with the Lord was worth it!! Thank you for this fellowship! I don’t want to wait until I am 70 years old to find this out! I am in my 20s and praise the Lord I can hear such a fellowship before embarking on my career. I also enjoyed brother Gerald Chan’s sharing I believe about how this world deadens our function! How enlightening to expose the enemy and his world system! The enemy is so subtle, especially with the world. I would like to consecrate myself to the Lord and for His economy! The world cannot change my mind to pursue the pleasures of the world. I will pursue Christ forever! Hallelujah for just a blessed speaking.

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