What is the attitude of those who meet in the local churches towards other believers (Part 1)?

According to the truth, every kind of divisiveness is wrong. All causes of division have been terminated by Christ’s death on the cross. His resurrection issued in His enlargement, the Body of Christ, in which the greatest division of all, that between the Jews and the Gentiles, has been totally annulled in Christ, to say nothing of all the customs and ways of worship that have divided believers throughout the centuries (Rom. 10:12; Eph. 2:13-16). If those in the local churches are clear on this point, they will never regard themselves as different, superior, or divided from other genuine believers (Rom. 3:22). Any among us who have such a sectarian attitude do not properly represent the ministry in the Lord’s recovery on this matter. The ministry in the Lord’s recovery uniquely stresses the Lord’s desire that all believers forsake divisive attitudes and practices and simply meet together with other believers in their locality in oneness as the church in that locality. These local churches receive and practice fellowship with all genuine believers, and they remain in continual fellowship with one another for the maintenance and strengthening of the testimony of the universal oneness of the Body of Christ on the earth. The following article from Shepherding Words is the first of three articles that will review the teaching in the Lord’s recovery concerning how those who meet in the local churches should practice the oneness of the Body of Christ with all believers.

Our Attitude Toward Other Christians and Their Work Part 1: Maintaining the Oneness With Fellow Believers

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